Mold Removal, Remediation & Testing in Zachary, LA

If your Zachary home flooded and you were not able to dry it out within 24-48 hours, you likely be faced with a mold infestation. Luckily for you, Air Environmental Service of Zachary is a trusted name in mold removal in the Gulf Coast region and we’re ready to remedy the presence of mold in your property. We handle any black mold problems you might be having and ensure that your home is completely dry and the mold is removed properly, never to return. Mold shows up on drywall, clothing and furniture, it may also be hidden underneath walls or carpeting. If there is mold growth at your home or business, call us today and we’ll show you why we’re a quality black mold removal service in Zachary.

Safe Mold Removal Company in Zachary

Black mold in your home in Zachary can lead to health issues such as eye and skin irritation, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions. Our Zachary mold removal team is experienced and will ensure that black mold is gone from your property completely. Our mold removal experts know how to get black mold removal done right the first time so that you can be sure your Zachary home or business is safe. We have earned our distinction as a reliable mold remediation company in Zachary and would love to show you what our services entail. Contact us now for any mold remediation services you might need.

Combatting Mold in Zachary

Any mold remediation job we undertake in Zachary is treated carefully due to the possible health effects associated with mold infestation. We have been Zachary’s trusted name in mold remediation since 1996 and our team takes any signs of black mold seriously. If you need black mold removal at your Zachary home or business, look no further. Air Environmental Service has been a quality mold remediation company in Zachary for more than two decades. Our black mold removal services will take care of any black mold problems you may be experiencing and return your Zachary property to tip-top shape.

Zachary’s Reliable Mold Testing Service

If you think you have mold in your business or home in Zachary, don’t rely on a cheap do-it-yourself kit, the stakes are too high. Hiring a professional contractor to conduct mold testing is the best way to get an accurate result. Our friendly and qualified technicians perform accurate mold testing in Zachary. Call us today for incredibly accurate and unquestionably reliable mold testing for your Zachary home or business.

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