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Safety is one of the key values of the construction industry. Throughout the industry, facilities with over-water docks are taking additional steps to ensure the safety of their employees as well as the OSHA compliance of their sites. AES of Plaquemine has joined in this effort and is offering rescue boat services to further assure the safety of those working in the construction field. According to OSHA Title 29 CFR 1926.106(d), “At least one lifesaving skiff shall be immediately available at locations where employees are working over or adjacent to water.” OSHA states that this regulation is in effect regardless of other fall protection or drown prevention systems that are already in place. The rescue boat services offered by Air Environmental Services of Plaquemine are here to help construction crews stay in compliance with this regulation.

Prepared Rescue Boat Services in Plaquemine

In addition to possible falls into the water, AES of Plaquemine is proud to be able to assist with capsized construction boats as well. If you're working on a project on the Mississippi River, hiring our Rescue Boat Services before the project begins is one of the smartest things that you can do. Furthermore, the rescue boat services of AES in Plaquemine account for the condition of employees after a potential fall into the water. OSHA guidelines state the importance of being able to issue treatment as soon as possible (3 to 4 minutes) after an injury occurs. That is why each of the rescue boat professionals employed by AES of Plaquemine are certified in both first aid and CPR.

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A USCG Licensed Captain coordinates all AES rescue boat service operations in Plaquemine. Our rescue boat operators in Plaquemine are also USCG licensed or have received extensive training from our licensed captain. AES boat rescue services in Plaquemine use Deep-V Hull Aluminum Crew Boats for their high level of reliability and maneuverability. Also, our Plaquemine rescue boats have been outfitted with all necessary lifesaving equipment. The safety of your employees is a serious matter that you should entrust to Plaquemine’s experienced boat rescue service provider, AES.

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Our lifesaving equipment includes twin 150 horsepower outboards, a VHF Radio, a Global Positioning System (GPS), a mounted swiveling searchlight, rescue flares, three life rings with a lanyard, a scramble net (either side), a 12-16’ telescoping life hook, USCG-approved First-Aid kit, and a five-pound fire extinguisher. It's important to contact us about our services before the project begins. We are a prepared rescue boat service in Plaquemine, so when the unthinkable happens during your Plaquemine construction project, we will be right there to assist you.

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