Lead Paint Decontamination in Gonzales, LA: Commercial, Residential & Industrial Decontamination Services for Lead Paint

Gonzales businesses and homes built before 1978 are likely to contain lead-based paint. Lead-based paint that is peeling, cracked, or deteriorating in any other way releases toxic contaminants into the air. These overexposures to said contaminants can cause lead poisoning, which can cause developmental delays in children, among other illnesses. If you suspect that your Gonzales home or business contains lead-based paint, don’t hesitate to call Air Environmental Services in Gonzales. Our lead removal technicians in Gonzales are LDEQ and EPA certified and have years of experience in lead abatement. Call us now and allow us to take care of any lead decontamination you might need.

Gonzales’s Experienced Lead Paint Decontamination Specialists

Airborne lead particles are dangerous, so call in a Gonzales professional who can handle the lead paint decontamination safely, properly, and efficiently. Our lead removal technicians in Gonzales are certified both by the state of Louisiana as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. We keep ourselves up to date on all the latest state and federal regulations, and we know what it takes to handle lead decontamination professionally and safely. Air Environmental Services has been a quality lead paint decontamination company in Gonzales for over two decades and we would love to show you what earned us that distinction.

Avoid Lead Poisoning — Get Lead Paint Removal in Gonzales

Lead poisoning is a serious issue that affects more than 1 million American children. Even small amounts of lead can cause serious health complications, especially in children, whose bodies are still growing and are more susceptible to lead. Lead exposure can affect a child’s physical as well as mental development and even be fatal at high levels. Protect yourself and your family from the ill effects of lead poisoning by contacting Air Environmental Services of Gonzales today. Our lead decontamination team will be more than happy to come to your Gonzales home and take care of any lead problems with professionalism as well as efficiency.

A Trusted Lead Paint Remediation Service in Gonzales

Lead-based paint was outlawed in 1978, but Gonzales homes and businesses built before then are likely to contain it. Lead paint that is chipped, peeling, cracking, or in poor condition is a hazard. Lead poisoning can cause developmental delays, difficulty with memory and concentration, headaches, abdominal pain, and mood disorders. Air Environmental Services has been a staple in lead decontamination in the Gonzales area since 1996. Lead is a serious issue that needs to be addressed right away, so if you know or suspect that your Gonzales home or business contains lead-based paint that is in poor condition, protect the ones you care about by calling us now.

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Air Environmental Services prides itself on providing industry leading abatement and restoration services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. With a wealth of experience and the technical know-how, we are confident we can restore water damaged building in Gonzales, LA as well safely remove mold, asbestos, and lead. Don’t hesitate; give us a call today!

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