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    Removing asbestos is a delicate process, one that should always be carried out by an industry certified professional. When you combine the risks of exposure and the constantly changing regulations, asbestos is one of the biggest and most confusing issues property owners deal with in Livonia today. For asbestos removal services that leave nothing to chance, choose Air Environmental Services if you're in Livonia.

    Asbestos Removal Service Company Serving Livonia

    As a commercial or residential property owner in Livonia, it's your responsibility to ensure there is no asbestos on the premises — asbestos will put visitors at great health risk. There are government regulations that come with asbestos, as anything containing more than one percent of asbestos needs to be dealt with by a certified asbestos removal service company.

    Get Asbestos Inspection & Testing in Livonia

    Only after asbestos testing and inspection can you know the true extent of your asbestos problem in Livonia. An asbestos inspection and test from Air Environmental Services can provide accurate information regarding the location, amount, and type of asbestos materials in your Livonia home or business. It's your responsibility to keep your employees and workers safe, according to federal regulations, so contact us at the first sign of an asbestos issue.

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    Livonia Preferred Asbestos Abatement Team

    Asbestos abatement is critical to the health and safety of all those who enter your Livonia facility. Without the proper training and technology, getting rid of the asbestos in your Livonia commercial or residential space can be a nightmare. It doesn't have to be, so contact the trustworthy, licensed asbestos abatement professionals at Air Environmental Services at the first sign of trouble.

    Call Today for Restoration and Abatement Services in Livonia

    Air Environmental Services prides itself on providing industry leading abatement and restoration services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. With a wealth of experience and the technical know-how, we are confident we can restore water damaged building in Livonia as well safely remove mold, asbestos, and lead. Don’t hesitate; give us a call today!

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